Japanese version appears on the cheat sheet of various commands of Linux

before"Cheat sheet of various commands of LinuxAlthough I introduced it to you, it seems that a new version of the translated version has been added. Although it was quite useful even in the previous English version, it became more convenient in this.

Download from below.
Unix / Linux Command Reference - Stacker Storage

There are two types of PDF format files and ODT format files, which are provided with the same Creative Commons license as the original file.

There is also an opinion that "using the man command", but in the earlier state that you do not even know any command in the first place it is helpful to have a cheat sheet. As you make a little progress the site which summarizes the command reference around here will come to be useful.

Linux Command Reference

Also, the Japanese translation of the man command can be seen from the following and is very convenient.

JM Project (Japanese)

Installing the search provider from the following page makes it even more convenient for you to search from the search bar of Firefox 2 or IE 7.

Day - informal search provider some

If only this is done, most commands will become available ...

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