"Beast Beast Golione" will be live-action film in Hollywood, scheduled to be released in 2008

Once around July 2005,"The lord Beeth Golione" is a live-action movie in HollywoodIt seems that it started at full swing at last. Because "Transformers" hit. the title is"VoltronAnd, as well as "Transformers" like to make it as "Sci-Fi great work" ... .... Are you OK?

Details are as below.
Move Over "Transformers" Here Comes "Voltron"!: The Game Gods

Millennial King Golayon Films in 20th Century Fox U.S. Variety Magazine (8/11)

The story is almost like the following.

Beethoven King Golion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In the year 1999, in the near future where the half universe of the Great Garra empire dominated the entire universe (by the way, the earth was destroyed in the third world war). Five Earthling slaves, Golden Asahi escape from Galla castle for freedom. In the neighboring Altair Kingdom, I met five lion-type mechanics with Princess Furra. Princess Furra entrusted five of the five mechanics to five people in order to stop the violence of the Great Empire of Gharra, and the legendary guardian goddess Goraion revived.

If I use CG for Bali Bali, it certainly seems that it will be something like that.

In addition, it says on the following page that it seems to be released in 2008.

Voltron (2008)

Genres seem to be actions, adventure, fantasy, SF, war things.

When going with this conditionThe brave seriesAndSuper Robot Battle SeriesIt seems to be able to sequentially make movies as well ....

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