Sony acquires a patent to dock PS2 / PS3 controller to PSP

Although it is impossible to see what the main purpose is, it turned out that there is a patent which Sony issued in the past "to dock analog controller of PS 2 or PS 3 to PSP". This is it ......?

By the way, there are some fiercers who have made this docking already overseas.

Details are as follows.
Patent reveals dual-analog controller connectivity for PSP - PSP Fanboy

Apparently, as for details of the patent, it seems that it not only connects directly but also takes into account the connection by wireless. It seems to try to be able to use PS2 and PS3 controllers even in PSP by putting "control docking unit" between them ... ....

But abroad, there was a fiercely creator of similar things before the existence of this patent was known.

Topic: F00 f00's DocOc - PSP work log. (Pics fixed)

...... Actually, is it convenient?

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