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It is a strange site that cooking photos and recipes are provided by CC license. If you register as a user you will be able to post and comment. There are recipes that make it tasty without spending much time and effort, so it is recommended in many ways. Even just watching it looks delicious ....

Details are as follows.
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For example, Kore is a mini burger of eggplant and avocado, it looks yummy.
Grilled eggplant and avocado mini burger Recipe - Open Source Food / tr1n1ty

Water melon drink.
Watermelon Boozer Recipe - Open Source Food / rockchick

But Is It Poke? Recipe - Open Source Food / theory

Chinese · sausage · noodle · soup.
Chinese sausage noodle soup Recipe - Open Source Food / SmerkyGrl

Chocolate almond cupcakes.
Chocolate Almond Cupcakes Recipe - Open Source Food / rachel

Enki, peanuts and stir-fried food.
Enoki with Pinenuts & Thyme Recipe - Open Source Food / Enchante

I feel like putting pork ribs on rice balls.
Slow-cooked pork ribs with salted soy beans, garlic, red chili Recipe - Open Source Food / tigerfish

Fish and chips, with lemon tartar sauce.
Fish and Chips with Preserved Lemon Tartare Sauce Recipe - Open Source Food / theory

Chinese barbecue pork, in brief?
Chinese BBQ Pork Recipe - Open Source Food / Melting Wok

And there are lots of delicious dishes just looking at various things anyway. Good vibes.

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