You can do it in Illustrator so far! Illustrations that let you realize the transcendental technique of

Adobe has issued various famous software besides Photoshop, but mainly deals with images in vector format "IllustratorIs also famous. However, there are many people who suffer from such a strange Bezier curve and others who can not make things as desired. I do not know whether or not there will be a reference there, but let's see the collection of examples that "You can do it!"

Appreciation is from the following.
Showcase of Amazing Vector Art |

Pepper Vector by `Artgerm on deviantART

Goldfish Turn On by ~ onewayprophet on deviantART

Super Lucky Nintendo by ~ timih on deviantART

AdrianaLima by ~ cd-marcus on deviantART

2F2F Skyline Vector by ~ p3nx on deviantART

Hamasaki-3 by ~ abiko on deviantART

Eiffel Tower by ~ mmn 22 on deviantART

Alyson Hannigan by ~ verucasalt 82 on deviantART

Daddy Was A Jewel Thief (BSV Exhibit) on the Behance Network

Saleen S7R Vector by ~ p3nx on deviantART

Look Away .... by ~ finalknightxx on deviantART

Cassandra by ~ spartworks on deviantART

Rachel Nichols by * sqt on deviantART

Harlequin by `CrisVector on deviantART

Johnny Depp by ~ verucasalt 82 on deviantART

VECTOR MOVIE POSTERS on the Behance Network

Gradient mesh. Portraits on the Behance Network

Temple on the Behance Network

Self Portrait April 09 'on the Behance Network

TV Kills Everything on the Behance Network

Vector fun vector death on the Behance Network

Vectors eat toast too on the Behance Network

Parrot of the East by * OwaikeO on deviantART

Idio on the Behance Network

Dodge Viper Vector by ~ DesertViper on deviantART

Posters on the Behance Network

Dijean Neo on the Behance Network

Alessandra by ~ cd-marcus on deviantART

Illustrations on the Behance network

Dodge Challenger Vector by ~ Wrofee on deviantART

The renegade by ~ cryssy on deviantART

Milk Shakespeare by * JrDragao on deviantART

Witch by `CrisVector on deviantART

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