Ohio states there are laws that are not arrested even if they commit a crime under certain conditions

For members of parliament and diplomats to guarantee their statusUncreated privilegeAlthough it is recognized, it seems that a slightly similar system is adopted in Ohio.

Under state law, the arrest privilege is "privileged party during parliament period", "voters on the way of election", "judges and attorneys in office, lawyers, etc." "Trustworthy faith on the day of worship It is regulating that you will not be arrested on the occasion and place of the ceremony, during the ceremony and its return ", but apart from thisDo not arrest in Congress, courtroom and its departure, or on Sunday or July 4 (Independence Day)It seems that there is a law called "Law.

Of course, it does not mean that you are not acquitted just because you committed a crime on that day, but I think that it will be arrested exactly at a later date, but it is certainly a strange law.

The details are as follows, why such a law exists.
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Lawriter - ORC - 2331.12 Days on which arrests may not be made.

This is a state law enacted in 1953, and it is decided that "No one is arrested in Congress, in court, or on Sunday, July 4 (Independence Day)". However, it is an exception to the felony such as national rebellion and interference with security. "The disturbance of security" is not prescribed by the state law, but acts such as fighting and intimidation, which are defined as "rough acts" in Ohio State, unreasonable noise, gestures, insults, drunk driving and the like are referred to as " It seems to be considered to be considered.

In 1998, a plan to abolish this law was submitted to the Ohio State Senate in 1998, but it has been rejected and it seems that this law is still valid as of now.

In section (2331.11) immediately before this Act (2331.12), non-arresting privilege has been set, and here, in addition to "parliament officials during the period of the parliament", "voters on the way to and out of the election" "duties "Judges, lawyers, administrative officials inside" "In the place of religion (church) or place of religion on the day of traditional religious religious worship (Christianity on Sundays and saints' days), during the ceremony of faith Or going to the ritual "and so on. Regarding this law, it seems that revision was done in 1999, so it seems that the old part has been corrected exactly.

Lawriter - ORC - 2331.11 Privilege from arrest.

By the way, in addition to this, Ohio state law "women should not wear shoes of enamel in front of the public" "Married men should not board an airplane without wife's accompanying (however, after one year since marriage If it is not excluded) "etc. are stipulated.

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