Facebook's independent auditor begins discussion of policy review after Meta refuses to remove video labeling President Biden a 'pedophile'

During the 2022 mid-term US presidential election, a video of President Joe Biden with his granddaughter was edited and posted on Facebook labeling him a ``deviant pedophile''. I got it. In response to this post, various Facebook users made reports such as requests for deletion to Meta, but Meta did not delete the post, saying it did not violate the rules. However,

the Facebook Oversight Committee, a third-party organization that examines and recommends SNS complaints and community policy revisions, has announced that it will conduct an investigation including a review of the policy.

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The Oversight Board will take on Meta's manipulated media policy ahead of 2024 elections

The incident started during the midterm elections in the US presidential election held in October 2022. President Biden put an 'I Voted' sticker on his shirt and then kissed his granddaughter Natalie Biden on the cheek as a show of affection.

However, one user posted a video on Facebook that had been edited to make it appear as if President Biden repeatedly touched Natalie's breasts. Attached to the posts were captions that read 'abnormal pedophile' and mocked voters who voted for President Biden as 'mentally insane.'

Facebook typically removes posts that violate its content policies. Various users also requested that Meta delete the post, but Meta did not delete the post. Regarding the refusal to delete the post, Meta said, ``Only videos generated by AI or videos in which the subject uses editing to make the person say words they did not originally say are considered `` edited media '' on Facebook. Our policies apply, so this post about President Biden does not merit removal.' Additionally, Meta has determined that our misinformation , bullying and harassment policies do not apply to this post.

Thomas Hughes, Director of the Facebook Oversight Board, said, ``While it is true that recognizing free speech is critical to forming a democratic society, this article has been manipulated to create a misleading impression about President Biden, a public figure.'' 'Meta must be held accountable for its human rights responsibility regarding the video content.' 'The Facebook Oversight Board will continue to consider issues and improvements that Meta should address regarding the authentication of video content.'

The Facebook Oversight Committee will evaluate whether Meta's current policies can be applied appropriately to edited videos that may mislead people about the words and actions of politicians, and will recommend improvements to Meta. As part of the discussion, we are soliciting public comments from users until October 24, 2023.

The following are the themes of public comments solicited at the time of article creation.
・About the online trend of using edited video content to influence voters' perceptions of politicians.
・Will Meta's current policies, including manipulated media, meet current and future challenges, particularly in the electoral context?
・About Meta's responsibility for posting video content that has been edited to give a misleading impression about people in positions of influence such as politicians, and the state of AI.
・Challenges and optimal solutions for appropriate video content authentication, including automation
・The effectiveness of efforts to combat politically misleading information, such as fact-checking programs, before content is removed.

The Facebook Oversight Committee will hold discussions based on this public comment and make recommendations regarding the future direction of Meta. On the other hand, in this case, the Facebook Oversight Board is not binding, and it is up to Meta to decide whether and how to make changes to the policy. Regardless of whether or not to amend the policy, Meta must leave a comment within 60 days of receiving the Facebook Oversight Committee's recommendation.

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