I tried Japan Falcom's "Legend of the Legend of Heroes the Sky the 3rd"

New RPG released on June 28 from Japan Falcom "Legend of Heroes The Sky's Trace the 3rdI tried it. It is already the third work of the famous series with stubborn story development with royal road of about this or even this.

So this "legend of the legendary sky of the hero" should have been completed in the previous work surely, this time it seems to be a story linked to the next work "Heroes Legend VII". In addition to being able to play with the same feeling as the previous series, episodes like the past edits of characters that have appeared so far have been prepared there so much, so it is unexpectedly grinning for those who did the past two works It seems to be a development that will make it happen.

So, let 's see what movie and screenshot you can actually play and grin.
The main character of this time, this reasonless is why Kansai dialect.

Although it is written as the first episode, there is a zero talk before this, so it takes quite a while to reach here.

I feel like I've seen it somewhere at the starting point, but this is a kind of mind, it is similar to others

This is the stage of the first episode. Obviously different space.

As you go a little further, these scenes come out. This is the pirate ship that appeared in the previous work Currently it is a courier service.

Apparently "enemy" like one appeared, What stuffy stuff, what is not collected.

A promising development, obviously a boss. I want to escape without fighting ... ....

This is a powerful battle scene, I tried using the deadly technique to eliminate the boss with the minimum turn.

When you defeat the boss you can get a seal stone and you can release it when you return to the base. Then the mechanism that the companion of the previous work appears from inside.

You can replace it like this because the number of friends grows steadily. By the way, on the story development, it will be painful unless all members are leveled up evenly to some extent. Careful.

There is such a spring in the base why somehow, it is possible to drink water. It is quite handy as it recovers the CP point of Special Move Casting.

It is also necessary to frequently investigate inside houses and the like. Obviously I found the door.

When opened you can peek at past episodes or participate. This is the situation after the previous ED.

Kevin, the leading character this time. Although it was demonstrating the terrible strength also in the previous work, this time it is not strong enough as thought that I thought well and thought that it would not equip it. As we battle the Kansai dialect every time we fight, we will kill ourselves unless we are careful.

If you think that it is a gentle sister, it turns out that it is a completely different character early in the beginning, and after that it is another hero, Lease, who is going to reveal endlessly strange character character.

Princess. It is obviously a long episode of past episode inserted clearly this time, and you can feel the love from the staff.

Sub hero to the previous work, it was messed up because it is extraordinarily strong. To be honest, I want you to replace the hero of the Kansai dialect.

It seems like I mistook the obvious game, but this is the beginning.

Actually, it seems it was a lady, but there is no shadow to see any longer. By the way, the first person is "my", so I am a boring daughter.

A person who was the princess' s escort. Seriously about as much as 100 is attached. This person's strange past editing episode is also prepared, and there is some fear of giving.

Amulet of somewhere the prince. It is quite strong so it is quite usable.

It looks like it will head downward gradually with such feeling. If you advance to a certain point, you can warp by haste like this from next time.

It is possible to make recipes by remembering the recipe. For some reason big trees at the base sell a variety of ingredients like vending machines.

This is written in the notebook, various things.

There are explanations of the door which comes out on the way. When the moon door opens, an extremely long episode begins, so if you do not put in a spirit, you can not even save on the way and you will be in trouble. I would like to have an indication of the time to finish or to finish. Several episodes of volume that I did not expect to be so long ...

Since magic is explained properly, it is quite nice to have this series, or the feature of the game made by Japan Falcom.

Combining quartz will make it possible to upgrade abilities and magic accordingly. Regardless of the magic that you would like to chant so much, it is usually the one who organized it with emphasis on ability.

As the story progresses its contents will be memorized automatically. Next you can tell where you should go next and what to do.

Even such an episode ... ... In fact, this was shooting.

It is also possible to decide the formation of movements.

Up to 100 data can be saved at any time.

In the story on the way, it is necessary to divide the party into two, and all participate. Because it's hard to keep track of certain characters, it will be hard to make it later if you add it to your friends every time new members increase.

This is the story of "Road of golden way of silver".

It is a different space dungeon

I feel that the way of silver is more difficult

Also a strange enemy appears, naming sense is the best

Then, the fourth episode rushed. At this point nearly 10 hours have passed since I played already.

Let's light up with Piker and let's free our friends

I also make misunderstandings on the way

If this Olivier listens to the voice in battle it will be able to grind by itself

Because Jin can demonstrate abnormal fighting power, it is for people who want to press

This is the room of the sun. It seems like various bonus games ......

Nani Kole ... ....

For some reason the martial arts competition ... ... and "behind" ......

Because these sheep are abnormal strengths, they can annihilate if they are not careful.

This is a hot spring episode in the middle

This is an academic volume of amazing length and volume. It becomes doubtful whether it is really RPG or not.

That's the princess's past talk

It has become like an animation of a school girl somewhere

It is also possible to read the signboard on the corridor, strangely obsessed

You can also go up to the auditorium. Last time I played theater in Coco last time.

When going to the stage sleeves costume and props properly!

A nice encounter when you go to the student council room.

Because it is a transfer student at the end of the season, you can also get rumors, hindsight ...

Lonely, it floated ... ....

For some reason I wanted to help the student council. By the way this glasses are in the same room at the girls' dorm.

Discover student council in casino

To come to an orphanage by reason of circumstances.

I got home late into the girls' dormitory at night

I have been doubtless

A scene of great fury at the student council president who is always stupid

A state of an orphanage, a feeling of a good feeling

Everyone is kidding

Student council president is something

That is why it is because RPG is a content that runs through the royal road for a strange story development, but if you read the following article or watch a movie, you may be able to further appreciate its appeal .

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PC game review "Legend of Heroes Legend of the Sky the 3rd"

By the way, I thought it would be nice to clear this Saturday and Sunday, but I did not advance by half ... .... Sorry.

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