"Columno Chips Kenzen moat seven colored pepper taste" is spicy and hot

Before"Cup Kankocho with Ken no Hori Naniro Chilli"I ate it, but it seems that the item came back as chips. Pepper is not attached this time, but deliciousness was alive.

Details are as follows.
Columno-chips Kenzen moat seven-colored pepper taste

Seven colored pepper is an original blend of columno.

Place filled with dishes. Chips are pretty red.

Redness is reminiscent of spicy in mouth.

Though it seems that people who are bad in appearance will not give up, it is delicious because it seems to be pretty seasoned to make full use of the flavor of red pepper. However, it is still painful. Because you also have peppers and blue leaves, remember the feeling that you can taste the hotness in various places in the mouth instead of straight spicy. It was quite nice to be able to adjust the taste with cups which I ate before, but it was quite difficult as chili peppers did not stick to chips.

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