A movie to actually test the durability of the iPhone

Initial inventory is smallSold out in hoursAlthough it was an iPhone, is it actually able to withstand practical use as a mobile phone? So, an experimental movie that assumed the actual use situation was released. Just put in a plastic bag with a bundle of keys together with a bunch of keys, try shaking the shakershaka, trying rubbing the surface of the liquid crystal with a key, trying to dropping it on the floor or whatever you tried, assuming in the pocket is.

Playback is from the following.
PC World - iPhone Stress Tests

I tried dropping it on a carpet.

Next I try to drop it on a hard floor.

I will drop it on the concrete road again. I tried dropping it over and over quite relentlessly.

Looking at the place where it did not break in either experiment seems to be pretty strong. Good vibes.

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