To identify a subtitle creator of pirated DVD under suspicion of aiding violation of copyright law

Osaka prefectural police confiscated pirated DVDs sold at Nihonbashi and others for examination and it was confirmed that there was subtitles different from regular ones in some works. Osaka prefectural police said that the translation act promoted illegal sale, and it seems that the Osaka prefectural police launched to identify the translator of subtitles on suspicion of assisting copyright law violation.

Details are as follows.
Original pirated DVD to private subtitle, translator specified ... Osaka Police: News: Kansai departs: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

According to the Yomiuri Shimbun reportedly in April, arrested for violating the copyright law as former gang members and junior high school students were selling pirated DVDs at Nihonbashi. At that time, the DVD that was seized included "Babel" which was not yet released, "Rocky the Final" right after the release, and it was attached with its own subtitle. In "Bakuwaki", the original is Chinese, but it seems that the subtitles were attached on top of the dialogue being spoken in Korean.

According to the Osaka prefectural police and the Japan International Film Copyright Association, a translator's pen name has been confirmed by more than a dozen people, some of which are better than legitimate ones, so pirated versions that can be sold even after the release of regular DVDs It seems there is. In the future, the Osaka prefectural police is to analyze the style of subtitles etc. and to advance the actual situation of the sales organization and identify the translators.

It seems to be relatively easy to specify if the creator of subtitles is hired by a sales organization, but is there a connection?

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