Arrested the creator of 'Harada virus' infecting via Kyoto police, Winny etc.

According to the Mainichi Shinbun's report, the Kyoto Prefectural Police High Tech Crime Prevention Office known for arresting the author of file exchange software "Winny", etc. infects via Winny etc.Harada virusHe seems to have arrested the creator of.

Furthermore, it is the first time in Japan that computer virus creator will be arrested.

Details are as below.
Computer virus: Three authors arrested Kyoto Prefectural Police - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)

According to this article, Kyoto Prefectural Police High Tech Crime Countermeasures Office and Gojo Office today announced that they distributed one type of computer virus "Harada virus" containing popular animated images to file-sharing software "Winny" to unspecified people, It is said that three people including 20 graduate students in Izumisano city, Osaka prefecture, were arrested on suspicion of copyright law violation.

Graduate students created a virus that popular animation before release on the screen of an infected computer around 10 to November last year, suspected that it infringed copyright by spreading to unspecified majority, and another 2 People suspect that they have delivered this animation using Winny, and it seems that three people have admitted the charges. Moreover, "Harada" is a real person, and it is said that there is a possibility of an acquaintance's acquaintance.

By the way Harada virusAccording to WikipediaIt is a generic term for viruses of symptoms such as a person image which is named as Harada is displayed when a virus file is executed and at the same time a file in the PC is deleted etc. Even a beginner can easily use subspecies It is said that some images have been replaced with anime "Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" or "Lucky Star" as an image displayed at the time of infection.

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