The first arrestor for rewriting from "B-CAS" to "BLACKCAS", the user who released the program also took office

The Kyoto prefectural police cyber crime measures division arrested the user who was selling at the net auction by rewriting the "B-CAS" card as "pay-as-you-broadcast" BLACKCAS card under suspicion of violation of the unfair competition prevention law. B-CAS Corporation was the first case arrested for "BLACKCAS", and at the end of last month, the act offered to others such as selling illegally remodeled cards at auction etc. is a criminal punishment in violation of the Unfair Competition Prevention Act It is a serious criminal act accompanied by the crime and civil affairs "and" We will deal strictly with taking all legal measures that can be selected from both sides of criminal and civil affairs "ViewYou acted exactly as you did.

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According to the newsletter, "Policy to rewrite several people in Tokyo such as revealing an illegal program to rewrite cards on the Internet etc." According to the Mainichi Shimbun, "Information on unauthorized rewriting on the net In addition to investigating a couple of others on the same charge and other six cardholders, they are investigating the prosecution of electromagnetic recording illegal creation and prosecution on charges for the same, "he said. It is that.

Trend Micro's OfficeScan server recognizes this B-CAS rewriting program as the same virus or malware, "The program has a function to overwrite the contents of a specific smart card, It will enable unlimited access to pay television broadcasting. "

HKTL_RESREM | Risk factor: Low | Trend Micro: Security database

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