Three users arrested as distributing "Shonen Jump" and others on Winny before release

The Kyoto Prefectural Police High Tech Crime Measurement Department and others suspected that three people were arrested on suspicion of copyright law violation, saying that unspecified large number of downloadable series such as "Weekly Shonen Jump" and "Weekly Shonen Sunday" . The first case of detection of manga distribution using Winny.

the detail is right below.
Published on Winny as "Shonen Jump" before release, Kyoto police arrested user

Three people arrested by cartoon unauthorized distribution before the police released by the police, Winnie use

Three people arrested by cartoon unauthorized distribution Kyoto police for violation of copyright law

The Kyoto prefectural police high-tech crime office and Gojo were arrested on suspicion of violating the copyright law (public transmission right), and the man in Osaka-shi, Taisho-ku, Men in Morioka City, 3 in a boy in Adachi-ku, Tokyo He seems to have arrested people and searched their homes at home. Three people seemed to have made it possible for Winny users to download multiple works including works before release.

Kyoto police arrested two people, including workers, in the past, in 2003 that Kimoto prefectural police arrested two movies to be available for downloading, and Fukuoka prefectural police arrested three officers including corporate officers as 2006 unconditionally delivered 9 manga works There is an example, but it is the first case that an arrestor appears in the comic distribution on Winny.

Although I thought that the work before release was something that is frequently selling quickly, when I read various articles, I feel as if I had punctured the manuscript of the printing process. Is there such a thing?

And how did they identify that they were the primary release source?

18:20 postscript:
According to newsletter, it seems to be 12 pieces including "golden gash !!" Also it is being reported in real names.

Current affairs dot com: Winnie use cartoon unauthorized distribution = three people arrested for copyright law breach - Kyoto police

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