A pet product dealer who used pirated version of "Adobe Photoshop" in business, sent a district investigation, the first case in the whole country

"Adobe Photoshop CS3 EXTENDED Japanese version"When"Adobe Illustrator CS3 Japanese version"A pet product dealer in Nagano Prefecture and a man from the Representative Director were sent to the Nagano District Prosecution Ueda branch, not being a genuine article of illegally copied pirate.

It seems that this pirate item was purchased at the net auction, the sending by business use of pirated software is the first country nationwide.

Details are as below.
Nationwide for the first time in pirated business use, sending representative director and corporation | Copyright infringement case | ACCS

The Nagano Prefectural Police Department of Police Living Environment and Ueda Police Department said that they were using the "Adobe Photoshop CS3 EXTENDED Japanese version" and "Adobe Illustrator CS3 Japanese version" as pirated copies that were illegally copied, The man of the representative director was sent to the Nagano District Prosecutor Ueda branch under suspicion of copyright law violation.

A copy of this copy is a man from Ueda City in May this yearDistributed at Internet auctionAn investigation was conducted because there was this pet product dealer in the selling place with the item we were doing. The man of the representative director admits that this software is a pirated product that does not have a license.

By the way, a man of the representative director used to download a new version through file sharing software, purchase a pirated version, used the store catalog, tag design etc etc.

Additional notes:
Fixed a typographical error. Correctly it was "Prosecution Sending".

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