How to quickly and intuitively determine the priority of work

How to introduce this time widely from management decision-making to everyday shopping. It is a simple method that draws 4 mass diagrams and just classifies the jobs that each is holding now, but the effect is outstanding.

Initially "Intuition"Is the ability to recognize objects and their essence directly without using reasoning based on knowledge. Unlike "instinct" and "intuition", it is different from the experience that I have lived up to now. With this "intuition", you can quickly decide the priority of work and process it efficiently, or you can quickly make decisions when hesitating to choose from multiple products .

So, how to actually make decisions is as follows.
How to prioritise quickly and intuitively

First we draw 4 2 × 2 squares. Among them, the X and Y axes represent the following things, respectively.

X axis (horizontal axis): "difficulty". Negative degree of time, cost, effort, risk, complexity etc.
Y axis (vertical axis): "importance". Revenue, cost savings, risks due to not doing (in reality this is important), in other words the degree of positive.

The lower left is the lowest value, the farther you go, the higher the value. It is the same feeling as a normal graph.

So, we will arrange the problems and tasks we currently have in the four squares, but the point is to "compare" each other to be "relative" to each other. In other words, comparing A and B, we will place it by comparing which is more difficult or more important. By separating each one separately and comparing it, it will be possible to place it in the proper place.

This can also be applied to projects such as product development.

For example, when developing a product, place it on the vertical axis, that is, Y axis only with reference to the end purchasing and possessing the product. On the side of the technician who ultimately develops the product, place it on the horizontal axis, that is, with reference to only the X axis. By doing this, it is easy to find out what is required and difficulty of realizing it. In this way, the function at the top left is easier to develop and is a function that is still being sought, so it is the top priority to capture.

The trick in placement is to place the one that is low in time, labor and cost but high in importance, or vice versa, that is, extreme things first. Based on that, I judge relative 'whether importance is lower or higher than this and can easily be done' and arrange the rest. Of course, on the way of arranging, "It is also more important than this," it turns out that it is also found to be more important, so in such a case let's shift the position of what has already been placed.

The thing that should not be forgotten is what is placed at the top right. The work that comes to this trout is simply very difficult, not only "difficult" but also "importance" is high. This is often the most important strategic point, and if you neglect this, you can not move forward. However, it is just the top priority and not what I should do right now. Conversely speaking, what enters the square at the upper right is to affect the fate.

To summarize, priority will be decided as follows.

1. Place the items that are easy to start right now but have high importance first in the upper left
2. It is not easy to do and the importance is obviously low.
3. Compared relative to them, whether importance is higher or lower, what is labor and cost? Compare and arrange the rest
4. When shifting what you placed once you shift it
5. After finally deciding the placement, execute in order from the top left.
6.The order to do is upper left → lower left → upper right → lower right. In some cases it may be better not to do things that were placed in the lower right, so consider doing that too
7. But the thing on the upper right is the thing to do in the end, and although it is strategically important it takes time and labor is necessary so decide on a preparedness and do it thoroughly To go

If you have a lot of jobs and you do not know which one you want from processing, there are lots of things you want and there are lots of candidates but you are not sure what to buy from, but you do not know what order to do in product development or project Remember that it will be useful in every aspect of life, such as in case you will not lose.

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