The video posting site used by Japanese people is "YouTube" is 93.3% and ranked first

Scheduled to be released on Wednesday, June 21st "Internet white paper 2007According to the survey, the population using the Internet is 82.26 million people. And 18.7% of the video posting sites are already in use, 92.0% only for viewing. The posting experience is 8.0%. And, 93.3% of the used video posting site is "YouTubeVictory in the second place, "Nico Nico Douga", 29.1% in the third place,"Ameba Vision"Of 12.1%. YouTube is too strong, is not it?

Other blogs, second life, broadband household penetration rate etc. are as follows.
Impress R & amp; D "Internet white paper 2007" released
Broadband household penetration rate 50.9%
More than half of Japanese households
~ Internet Media Research Institute Survey (as of March 2007) ~

According to the press distribution press release, broadband household penetration rate is 50.9%.

The total number of net users is 82.26 million people.

The number of broadband users at home is 46.27 million.

Usage situation of video posting site is like this.

70.0% of the total accounts for some community service, and 24.4% of "blogs" have high remarks and writing rates. Next is 17.3% of "SNS". Is it also said that the high interactive communication rate is still attractive?

Also, you can experience the virtual world "Second lifeDespite its high perception of 29.1%, as of April 2007, the percentage of people using it is 0.8%. "I have an account, but I do not use it very much" is 1.3%. It is not good yet now.

What is going to happen next time next year ...

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