Japan's Internet population is "73.61 million 9 million"

As shown in the graph above, it increased by 3,547 thousand from last year. Among them, the number of broadband users from home is 37.568 million. Broadband penetration rate in all households in Japan is 41.4%.

The ratio of households with Internet users from their homes is 57.3%, except for "work / school only" and "mobile phone / PHS only" users.

The recognition rate of blogs, SNS, RSS etc. are as follows.
Impress R & amp; D "Internet white paper 2006" released
Number of broadband users from home
37.568 million people 116.5%
~ Broadband household penetration rate 41.4% (as of February 2006) ~

Trends in Internet household penetration rate and household penetration rate

Composition ratio of Internet users by connection location / usage equipment

The recognition of blogs was 98.6% (91.4% last year). Among them, 63.3% use "including reading". 25.3% of those who publish their blogs, mainly in their teens and 20s. Surely I will accept such a feeling ....

Also, the participation in SNS has more than doubled from 2.6% last year to 11.0%. In men in their twenties who are using the net, one in four people (26.5% in men in their twenties and 27.6% in women in their twenties). Furthermore, 82.6% of them use mixi. According to what I hear it says that mixi is displayed on most screens when entering a classroom where university computers can be used.

Community function you are using

Blog update frequency

, And the recognition rate of RSS leader is 64.8%, 21.7% higher than last year's 43.1%. Utilization rate was 14.8% (9.5% last year). Purpose of use is acquisition of "hobby information" and "press news". The affinity with the news site seems to be high.

Awareness and utilization of RSS readers

Well, there are things that will decline as the net reflects. Media with less use due to the influence of the Internet are "terrestrial TV" (41.3%), "magazine" (37.5%), "newspaper" (29.4%). And it seems that there is a strong tendency to emphasize "Internet" rather than "newspaper" as information source of news.

What will happen this year.

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