I tried cup noodle German potato big and similar items

This week's Monday was the release of the World Cup piggybacking commercial law"Cup noodle German potato big"However, I tried it as today's lunch. Also, I tried to eat 'CURRY WURST sausage NOODLE German style spicy curry & tomato' which is similar to this same German cup noodle.
When you open the lid the contents are covered with powder like this.

Immediately after pouring hot water

Wait 3 minutes ...


Sausage tastes like salami. The potato has a texture of the atmosphere that crushed the french fries potted. The taste is like salt ramen which made pepper. It is not possible, it is impossible, it is like orthodox German potato taste.

Well, the problem is a mysterious noodle that seems to be limited to this convenience store ... Also not found in the page of Nissin.

The atmosphere of sausage is like the one of this time German, full of red powder somehow when opening the lid

Immediately after pouring the hot water, the scent is very good feeling, spicy fragrance of tomatoes and curry.

Wait 3 minutes and get ready

Karai surprisingly when I try it. But it is not so much that I can not eat it. Also, the texture of the sausage also matches. The cup noodle German potato big is higher if you go with the completion degree of whole, but this time it's pretty favorite taste here. It seems that it is not a cup noodle if you look closely, what on earth is this?

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