Try to remove the blur of Google Maps

Before,Places where "blur" is hidden in Google Maps and are hiddenI wrote that, but according to TalekomiLive SearchThere seems to be something that you can see by using.

So I tried to see what kind of things are there.

Details are as follows.
Mosaic took place at the Navy observatory.

You can clearly see where the building inside is built.

Blur near Lexington.

You can see that there are two houses with a pool. An actorWilliam HeartIt is said to be home.

Nuclear power plants are vague.

It looks sharp on Live Search.

Southern and Antarctic regions of French territory. Pretty huge blur.

It looks like nothing, but it seems to be masui if it appears in one of the small islands.

Only a part of the building is blurred.

I feel like nothing ...

It is totally mosaic and I do not know what is there.

It was a nuclear power plant. You can see how it is running.

Landfill landfill.

The shape is different, but there is a part that looks pure white like Google Maps.

A black paint straddling the border between Alaska and the Yukon Territory.

It looks like nothing under black paint ....

Russian mystery blur.

It also seems nothing.

Even if you can not see it on Google Maps, it seems to be able to see it for the time being. However, nuclear power plants etc can be understood by the possibility of terrorism etc, but why are Russia and Alaska hidden like they do not have anything? Even if it is seen by an ordinary person, I do not know, but does a person who knows see Masui stuff?

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