Places where "blur" is hidden in Google Maps and are hidden

Google MapsYaGoogle EarthIn addition to the usual map mode, it is possible to see photos and aerial photographs taken from satellite orbit, but some facilities and places call "blur" based on various reasons It has become blurred and can not be clearly seen.

Why is it blurred, around April 2006Risk of terrorism by "Google Earth"It was thought that it was only a few words, but around January 2007 it reallyTerrorist groups in Iraq were using Google Earth for terrorist attacksBecause it turned out to be.

So let 's see there are places where' blur 'is hidden in Google Maps and are hidden.
Google Blurred Out Places

List of places blurred out on Google Maps - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

First of all, Russia. What on earth is this, is this?

French part of the Air Force base is mosaic.

It is also in America. This is Lexington, Kentucky.

The US Navy Observatory is also covered in a secret veil

Landfill in Lawdon, Virginia state is also hidden unnaturally ... ....

There is also a mysterious black paint near the border of Alaska state in America and Yukon Territory in Canada.

The Duke Power company's nuclear power plant is also invisible.

Since I became interested, I tried it at an address such as the nuclear power plant in Japan, but as far as I examined, there was no place where the mosaic was applied or where the blurring was applied. Is it okay?

2007/04/13 21:07 Addendum
From the reader, I got a suggestion saying that I have been blurred in such a place, so I checked it. The place is here.

Although it is understood by zooming out, apparently this is "French Southern and Antarctic RegionAccording to Wikipedia, "Most of them are uninhabited, or areas where only researchers and military personnel live". Therefore, if there is something above the sky, there are unpleasant allegial facilities ....

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