What I am missing right now is "money" "motivation" "time"

As a result of a questionnaire survey on "what I miss to my present" conducted by Interwired for the target of 3546 people, responses such as "money" "motivation" "time" etc. were obtained is.

Although it seems to me that there are only lonesome answers, I can understand what contemporary people think they are missing, looking at the remaining results.

Details are as follows.
Result of 115th Questionnaire Result / Detailed Results Report by Ranking Survey 【DIMSDRIVE】

According to this page, the result of having asked up to three "free of myself" of free reply and the number of votes are as follows.

1st place: Money ... 720 votes
2nd place: motivation · vitality ... 356 votes
3rd place: time ... 306 votes
4th place: margin · clearance ... 200 votes
5th place: physical strength ... 170 votes
6th: Sleep ... 143 votes
7th: Perseverance ... 133 votes
8th: Efforts ... 132 votes
9th: Economic power ... 119 votes
10th place: knowledge · intellectual ... 116 votes

"Money" in the first place separates the second place "motivation / energy" by nearly twice the difference ... ... In addition, when dividing respondents by gender, the first place in men seems to have resulted in more than three times more separation of "votes" 425 votes, 140 second votes "motivation / energy". It is a long time ago that we are told that the economy is recovering, but that feeling seems to be none at all.

Is it that modern people feel that they are lacking in both material and mental aspects?

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