Yahoo! To finish the net auction on June 16

As a result of losing a fierce share fight, Yahoo! Said that he decided to close the net auction service on June 16 in the US and Canada and focus on other services. It will continue in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan.

In Japan it is Yahoo! JAPAN has established an unwavering share among net auction services, but it seems that circumstances are different overseas.

Details are as follows.
Yahoo bangs gavel down on auction sites | CNET

According to this article, Yahoo's representatives have refrained from commenting on the termination of the net auction service, according to the company's findings of Hitwise, in the US net auction service market eBay is overwhelmingly 95% share Occupying, Yahoo! The market share was only 0.19%.

By the way, it is eBay which occupies an overwhelming share in the United States, but in Japan it withdrew in 2002. It is true opposite to America.

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