"Thank you Ikebukuro victory octopus boiled eggs Chinese noodles" sorps are reproducible patchy

I bought Ace cook 'Thank you Ikebukuro victory octopus boiled eggs Chinese noodles' which thanked Ikebukuro victory eaves closed on March 20, 2007. Ace cook made a number of tie-up products with Ikebukuro Victory, but this seems to be the last item.

Details are as follows.
There are five bags in it.

Pour hot water into the powder soup and wait for 5 minutes. In the meantime, warm boiled egg on the lid.

Before putting liquid soup. It's a little thick.

Pour liquid soup and mix lightly.

Boiled egg and topped with glue to make it.

Garlic, boiled eggs, char siu, menma, Naruto and toppings are fulfilling, so it looks very good. The characteristic of Ikebukuro victory is that it seems thick and dusty texture, but it is true that this non-fried noodle is thick and has a stiffness, I think that he can reproduce the noodles of the victory eaves well. However, the taste of soup is quite unique. It is a double soup with fish and shellfish flavors such as bonito added to animal soup such as chicken eggs, but its "umami" is overdone and it makes it taste like umami seasoning and drinks soup It is a bit strict. It was disappointing because it was good for the noodles.

Contents that listen to the tie-up products so far by Ace cook are below.

Thank you! Ikekeukuro Victory Ace | Ace Cock

The site of the victory is below.

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