What should I do if I lose my cell phone or get stolen

This is in the United States, but while traveling overseas using a long vacation, even though I proved that the stolen mobile phone was misused and I was out of the country so I could not use it There seems to have been a terrible story that the fee of 26,000 dollars (about 3,080,000 yen) was charged.

If you lose or stolen a cell phone, this kind of situation may happen, but I tried to figure out what to do in order not to suffer the damage.

Details are as follows.
Ten Steps to Cell Phone Security

According to this article, Wendy Nguyen living in San Francisco, USA did not know that the cell phone was stolen before going abroad, was later shocked by receiving an invoice of $ 26,000 That's right. And she said that the cell phone company "Cingular" that she had subscribed was responsible for the fee of 26,000 dollars that occurred before she noticed that the cell phone was stolen and reported to Cingular Thing.

Even though she proved using airline and passport that she was unable to call from San Francisco because she was outside of the country, Cingular is still responsible for all charges, If he does not pay, he said he advised him to apply for bankruptcy.

By the way, under the terms of use of most mobile phone companies, in the case of the above situation, subscribers are responsible for charges that occurred until reporting to mobile phone companies. How to avoid this situation is as follows.

· In case of loss or theft, immediately contact the mobile phone company
This is top priority. By the way, the pages that mention contact information etc. of each mobile phone company when lost / stolen are as follows.

DoCoMo 113 - Contact

KDDI Customer Support: au> Guide Procedure

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) | SoftBank

WILLCOM | In case of theft or loss

· Treat mobile phones like wallets
Not only because it does not suffer from such damage, it seems better to carry around as much as a wallet like a wallet to protect the personal information contained in it.

· Protect with password
There is a danger that you will be able to break through your password using special software, but you will earn time to contact your mobile phone company.

· Do not overstate mobile phone insurance
The service that compensates the mobile phone for lost time is applied to the main body of the mobile phone only, it does not apply to call charges, communication charges, service usage fees.

Depending on the mobile phone company, we provide the following services such as locking the terminal by remote control and identifying the position of the current mobile phone. This may be useful.

Omakase Lock | Service · Function | NTT DoCoMo

Mobile search service | services · functions | NTT DoCoMo

KDDI Company Info: News Release> About the launch of "safe locking service" "safe locking service" useful when you lose your mobile phone

WILLCOM | Remote Lock

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