Game Boy Advance realizes Metal Gear solid style 3D display

It is a movie that realized 3D display of "Metal Gear Solid" style by drawing out the performance of Nintendo's Game Boy Advance to the maximum. It is almost like a one-scene 3D display of metal gear solid.

I am amazed that you can do so far with Game Boy Advance.

The surprising movie is as follows.
YouTube - GBA 3D Tech Demo [Metal Gear Solid style hangar!]

According to the article on the following link, this movie is "Unseen 64It seems that the site called "Demo movie actually went by Game Boy Advance".

If such a game actually comes out, you operate with the up and down keys, the AB button, and the LR button, but I do not care how you operate it.

GBA tech demo shows off some mighty horsepower :: DESTRUCTOID :: Hardcore video game blog

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