Various tutorials for fully mastering Photoshop

Even though I know that it is essential to master that "Photoshop" to do work related to design using something not limited to web design, I do not know how to use it at all, or do not know what to do Although I am using Photoshop but using only the necessary functions and I can not promptly answer when I hear something a bit strange, I'd like to brush up the technique ...... Photoshop useful for such people I gathered various tutorials for mastering. You may be able to do anything if you look at little by little even when there is time.

Details of the tutorial are as follows.
First of all, there are three sites that explain basic techniques together with concrete examples. From beginner's technique to advanced technique, I will explain it with concrete examples.

Photoshop Tutorials from PhotoshopCAFE -free Photoshop training

Photoshop Tutorials | Good-Tutorials

Adobe Photoshop Tutorials - Pixel 2 Life

Below is a commentary site for beginners. It helps to know functions that have never been used.

Photoshop Quickly Photoshop Tips & amp; Manual - Table of Contents - by StudioGraphics

The following page commentary is easy to understand for photo modification. Basically this procedure is recommended as you will get misunderstood by retouching it.

Great shipping principle of photo shop photo correction & processing: Goodpic

If you are a beginner, it is recommended as the following is kind.

Scribble Honpo / Photoshop Course

We also recommend the following sites that explain the actual operation screen in a movie style. People who troubles to read sentences also do not care if this is the case.

Photoshop basic operation movie manual .com beta version

Techniques such as image processing and collage can be learned mostly on the following sites. It is also possible to create clipping and compositing, miniature image creation, or making a crop circle.

Adobe Photoshop (Adobe Photoshop) How to use 【Fantasy Gallery · Photoshop CG Collage】

For those who are able to use it considerably, the following sites are recommended. Galactic universe, clouds on the moon or retrograde, packed techniques that make you want to use without meaning if you remember.

Photoshop dark course ~ index ~

Also, I will post a practical TIPS that is relatively easy to use.

Photoshop Tips - To relieve the out-of-focus photos - by StudioGraphics

Easily realize brilliant expressions in Photoshop -

How to make a Web 2.0 logo using Photoshop Movie - GIGAZINE

Tutorial to make photos into vector art in Photoshop - GIGAZINE

Tutorial for making pop art style images in Photoshop - GIGAZINE

Twilight bookstore | Aqua-like in Photoshop

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