Miniature style photo photo retouch "HDR (High Dynamic Range)"

There are photographs that look like miniatures or miniatures. It takes pictures of miniatures in real life, but of course some technique is needed.

However, if you use photo retouching software equipped with "HDR (High Dynamic Range)" feature, anyone can create miniature-like photos in no time. It's more like a fantasy feeling than a miniature style, and you can create an unreal sight like a set of movies like the picture above.

Below, a description of "HDR (High Dynamic Range)" which makes the live-action miniaturized or creates images like movie sets.
First, an example of a miniature style photo

For famous places it looks like the following. These are methods different from "HDR (high dynamic range)" this time, but it seems like a miniature anyhow.

Model World | Metropolis Magazine

MONTHLY RECOMMEND / 2004.10 / This month's art information

Tokyo Source: 012 Naoki Honjo (photographer)

:::::: StairAUG. ::::::

PingMag - Tokyo's "Design & Making Things" Magazine >> Archive >> 10 "Small Tokyo"

This way is the easiest way to make the following, but easiest.

Manpaku :: Diary - Make a picture of Honjo Naoshima Fuu

It becomes like this when it is made into a movie. - VFX / CGI Studio - Miniaturize: Miniaturization of live action

■ Next, an example of "HDR (High Dynamic Range)" image

There are things that collected only HDR images on Flickr, so it is quick to see it. Surprisingly these images are live action photos. Some things are not very real live things. When you create a landscape of the city with this technique and blur the top and bottom, it looks like a miniature in the blink of an eye. Extremely easy.

Flickr: The HDR Pool

New Amsterdam - a photoset on Flickr

Green field on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Green field 2 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

DeviantART: Planet Explorer by * bkm

Photo Gallery

DeviantART: Under the Silhouette by * bkm

Transmitting station on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

PingMag - The Tokyo-based magazine about "Design and Making Things" >> Archive >> 10 Pictures of Tokyo Gotham

HDR Photo

There are also strong players who made QTVR 's 360 - degree panoramic movie in HDR, this is amazing.

Always under construction - shikano blog

■ So, what kind of software can you use to create HDR images?

Ulead: Photo Impact 11

Adobe Photoshop CS2 - for all professionals

Manpuku :: Diary - Landscape Picture can be "Honjo Naoshi Fuu" software for Windows


Anyhere Software

Pfstools for HDR processing

Dosch Design - 3D models, seamless textures, HDRI, photoshop layer images, music & animations

It is not software, but there is also such a thing.

Miniaturize real life. Moreover, it is DHTML. -

How to make HDR image

First of all, I will review the foundation. In short, it feels like taking a good point of multiple images. The final image will vary depending on the type and combination of images to be aligned.

17% Gray Shooting Diary: About HDR

[5008] Can I create HDR (High Dynamic Range) images?

About dynamic range

HDR at Life of a Geek

People who want to know more in detail can understand deeply by reading here. It should be quite helpful for people who are stuck in the creation of HDR images. Oh, such a picture does this! You can understand like that.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography in Photoshop CS 2

Photoshop CS2 High Dynamic Range

It can be created on Linux.

The Place of Dead Roads: High Dynamic Range Photography with Linux

Strictly speaking, HDR is not a miniaturization, but it is certain that it is the foundation on which it can easily be shown as a miniature style. If you want to make it like a miniature, basics are OK if you place something that looks like a miniature in the middle with this HDR technique. After that, it will be pretty much like if you carefully blur the top and bottom. It takes time and effort to try to shoot with a camera, but if you create multiple images with extreme talk, lightness etc. changed from one image and attach them with HDR, it will look like it quickly. Try it.

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