Tutorial to master GIMP to Photoshop level

GIMPIt is a famous photo retouching software which was also called "Photoshop killer". Although it operates on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, it is also in Japanese, and although it is functionally quite excellent, what kind of image can be made? I do not feel like using it if I do not have a tutorial called.

So, I will put together a tutorial on trying to make images well made in Photoshop even in GIMP, a thing with Photoshop like appearance itself, a plugin for making CMYK available.
[GUG] Tutorials

There are various on the above site.

This is a famous thing to make an aqua-like button

IMac-like logo

Feeling tape stuck


Rusty metal

Here is another unusual tutorial.


In addition, this "GIMPshop" is a GIMP that looks like Photoshop.

Announcing GIMPshop at Plastic Bugs

Windows version, OS X version, Solaris version, Debian version, RPM, and so on.

If you insert this plugin you can also handle CMYK.

GIMP Plugin for CMYK separation

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