Movie that "Xgl" may exceed Windows Vista

XglIt is a 3D desktop environment using OpenGL, but in the latest version it seems that motion blur has become possible as well. Also, you can change the look like Windows Vista style.

Although it continues to evolve with terrible momentum, compared with this, Windows Vista and Mac OS X have said that there is still room for improvement, or whether it is convenient or not.

Playback and download from below. Also, there is a movie for people called "What is Xgl?"
This is the latest state.

YouTube - Xgl / Compiz Motion Blur

HereHigh-quality version can be downloaded from, and you can see how wonderful it is when playing with full screen.

I have written about what I can do about Compiz used with Xgl around here.

Compiz - openSUSE

Also, what can you do with Xgl in the first place? This movie is detailed about that.

Vista's UI is Better Than This !? ~ Chris Pirillo

In addition, although you can change the appearance using "CGWD Themer", there is something exactly like that used exactly in Windows Vista.

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