Stability AI, the developer of the image generation AI 'Stable Diffusion', has released an image upscaling API that can enlarge images beautifully

Stability AI, which develops Stable Diffusion for image generation AI, has announced the release of an image upscaling API that can increase the size of an image without losing the sharpness of the image.

Stability AI Releases Image Upscaling API

Digital images are composed of the smallest units with color information and gradation called 'pixels', and the amount of pixels that make up the image means the sharpness of the image, that is, the resolution. Even if you change the height and width of the image to make it bigger, the amount of pixels that make up the image will not change, so if you just stretch a small image, the image quality will drop, and the image will appear grainy. will stand out too much.

Therefore, by interpolating the pixels of the image with a certain algorithm, a technology has been developed that enlarges the image without degrading the image quality as much as possible. Also, recently, a technology that interpolates pixels by prediction by AI has been born.

The image upscaling API announced by Stability AI is Real-ESRGAN , a super-resolution technology library, and `` Stable Diffusion 4x Upscaler '' using the latent image technology of Stable Diffusion. Both models are technologies for use in image upscaling, and it seems that they are in line with Stability AI's vision of continuously enriching the latest models of the image upscaling API.

For example, assume that the following 512 x 512 pixel image is enlarged twice vertically and horizontally.

And the image (left) enlarged to 1024 × 1024 pixel size without interpolation by algorithm or AI and the image (right) enlarged to 1024 × 1024 pixel size by image upscaling API are compared side by side. It is possible to compare by moving the slide bar in the center left and right.

The document for actually using the image upscaling API is published below.

Platform - Image Upscaling

Also, if you are a user of Stability for Photoshop or Stability for Blender , the latest versions of these add-ons also have APIs integrated so you can use them.

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