Glico's PariPo and Lotte's Toppo looked alike, but they were totally different things

When I went shopping to the supermarket, I bought it because Pariso was sold as a new product. Toppo also had a salt caramel taste of a new product from March 13, so we decided to compare and eat together.

Details are as follows.
Information on each product is linked below.

Toppo series



Try chocolate flavors side by side.

side. The size of the box is almost the same.

Toppo has obtained patent No. 2894946.

PariPo is pending a patent.

Toppo is a chocolate sweet.

PariPo is a processed biscuit. The table also says quasi-chocolate confectionery.

I got out of the bag. From the left: Parisian Chocolate, Pari-Pot A Peanut, Toppo Salt Caramel, Toppo (Ordinary Chocolate Flavor).

The palipo is thin in color, and the color of the chocolate inside seems to be stained.

Toppo is a pretzel so it is dark in color. Salt caramel has salt on the surface.

Compare 4 books. From the top Parischoco, Paris Po Peanuts, Toppo Salt Caramel, Toppo Chocolate. The length is short for a bit.

Viewed from the side.

I am surprised that the texture is completely different as I eat it. Toppo is not strongly crispy fluffy feeling, but Parisipi has a crisp texture like a crisp polypoly as its name suggests. I feel crisp because it is biscuit dough. Although the taste of chocolate itself does not feel such a big difference, for some reason PariPo tastes like Lotte's Bicuriman chocolate. Toppo's salt caramel is pretzel originally light and salty, so it does not feel uncomfortable.

The editorial department unanimously reached the conclusion that the palipo is delicious. Toppo was able to do well enough, but PariPo exceeded it.

By the way, Toppo is the one that was released, but was it born to defeat Toppo ...?

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