Longevity and 'salt ramen finished with whole salt salted algae' has few ingredients but great fight

I bought it because it was on sale from March 19th (Monday), "Salt ramen finished with whole salt salted salt" the second volume of "whole body salt" series of longevity and so on. The longevity ramen has few features, and there was not one that left a much penetrating impression, but this salt ramen was doing a lot of hard work.

Details are as follows.
Product information of Kusanagi is here.

Lifestyle and Food Items: New Arrival Information: salt ramen finished with whole salt salted salt

The salt used is algae salt of the sea person (if it is with Amabi), it seems that the seaweed taste is condensing.

There are only two bags inside.

Wait for 4 minutes with hot water.

First of all, put the raw soup. It is nearly transparent just by oil floating.

When mixed it has a faint color.

Enter soup quickly. There is little hope.

Mix and complete.

The soup is light salty, it looks like she is drinking a Chinese soup that comes out with fried rice. As you can see from the photograph, it is very few as it is very few. However, I think that it is a person who is considerably fighting among many salt ramen which is strong only in salty taste and has no other characteristic. Actually, I have eaten several types of salt ramen, but unfortunately I have not reached the quality that I can review. Since it becomes the difference of the rest afterwards, I think that it can be set as the top of salt ramen if it can be fulfilling ingredients even if the price rises somewhat. But why are there any few items of salt ramen from each company?

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