At the net underground economic market you can buy a credit card number "1 dollar"

The underground economic market on the Internet is still expanding, and as a result, there are many sites selling personal information and credit card information on the Internet. Currently, the selling price of personal information in the net underground economic market is 14 dollars to 18 dollars (1600 yen to 2100 yen). The price of the credit card number is only 1 dollar to 6 dollars (117 yen to 705 yen).

Below, the actual conditions of the so-called black market and the underground economic market of the unknown net, and about the crisis there.
Symantec Reports Rise in Data Theft, Data Leakage, and Targeted Attacks Leading to Hackers' Financial Gain

According to this report of Symantec famous for antivirus software, the number of PCs infected with bots on the net is about 6 million, an increase of about 29%. Trojan horses and zero day attacks are increasing, and as a result, the net underground economic market seems to be very active.

This underground economic market is accessible from anywhere in the world to be able to purchase the stolen information if it is a personal computer connected to the net, and information that is being traded is credit card number, cash card Number, various PIN, account information for logging in to net service, online banking account and password, social security number, list of e-mail addresses, etc.

The source of the malicious method used to acquire this hand information is 31% in the USA, 10% in the second place in China, 7% in the third place in Germany. The method is becoming more and more malignant and sophisticated, and antivirus software and firewalls are actually useless levels. In fact, I had the opportunity to see a personal computer I personally knew about recently, but it was breaking through all the various security related software. In other words, it is bumping security software itself and security holes.

Also, so-called phishing scams are also on the rise, and in the past six months, 162,448 phishing scams have occurred, and it seems that there are 904 cases on average every day. be careful.

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