Russia's largest cybercrime forum is hacked one after another, is 'cybercrime killing' activated?

'Maza', which has gained a high reputation as a 'trustworthy forum' in the Russian cybercrime world since 2003, was hacked on March 3, 2021 and the personal information of users who used the forum was released. it was done. In 2021, the number of cases in which the Russian cybercrime forum was hacked has increased rapidly, and it is believed that 'cybercrime killing' has been activated.

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On March 3, 2021, an incident occurred in which someone hacked Maza. Not only did we forcibly shut down the Tor-based website, but we also extracted the personal information of users of the forum and posted it extensively on the forum's top page. This personal information included not only usernames, passwords and email addresses, but also social media IDs such as Skype, MSN and Yahoo.

Expert analysis of these social media IDs has identified multiple 'real accounts' used by real people. Therefore, the personal information released this time is expected to benefit the intelligence agencies of each country as information that connects the cybercrime information exchanged at Maza with the actual person.

Maza is one of the longest-established forums in Russia's cybercrime world. Opened in 2003, Maza functioned as a forum for trading skimmed credit card information at the time, but later became a target for e-commerce fraud, bank fraud, money laundering, and cyber. It was functioning as a wide-ranging information exchange on crime.

One of the features of Maza is the 'guarantor invitation system', which requires a large amount of prepayment to register and an invitation from a member who will provide a financial guarantee in case of problems. .. As a result, Maza has earned a high reputation as a good forum that can only be accessed by the top players in the Russian underground world.

Maza is not the only Russian cybercrime forum that has been hacked and damaged. In January 2021, one of Russia's largest cybercrime forums, 'Verified,' was hacked, stealing user data and private messages, as well as compromised domain registrars. Furthermore, on March 1st, 'Exploit', which was considered to be the second largest after Verified, was attacked, and on March 4th, 'Crdclub' was attacked.

It has also been reported that a series of attacks on cybercriminal forums are due to government intelligence, and Russia's 'cybercriminal killing' is intensifying.

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