GABAN POTATO CHIPS series latest work "Garlic Salt" baked garlic with straight ball

From March 5, "Garlic Salt" has been newly added to that "GABAN POTATO CHIPS" series, which effectively utilizes the image of house foods famous for spices "GABAN". The package is extremely simple as the example is by example. There are no image images or pictures that drifts Sizzle, which in turn awakens the imagination.

However, this "garlic salt" overturned my expectation .... Today is White Day, but that does not matter at all.

The reports that I actually ate were as follows.
House "GABAN (R) POTATO CHIPS" New release in the whole country from March 5: News release: House food

The contents are two packs

When I look at the raw materials carefully, it seems that it does not seem to be much different from other manufacturer's chips of ordinary garlic taste ... ... It was impossible to get out of here.

I will put it on a plate. The aroma of awesome garlic that pierces your nose at this stage.

Then, it distributed to each editorial staff equally, we ate all at once, but as soon as one person leaves a groaning mouth leaving the office to take water, and else Even "This is the taste as if you ate a steakhouse garlic as it is" or "I ate Chinese fried chicken at a Chinese restaurant but it has exactly the same taste", etc. Anyway Astonished by the flavor of unimaginable garlic. It clearly distinguishes it from other garlic taste potatoes so far. It looks not very flashy, but this flavor and fragrance is amazing, you can say GABAN. Even after finishing eating, you will feel the scent of garlic for the moment, so it is self-responsibility around that.

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