Professor at Tokyo University develops a seat that detects signs of dozing driving

It seems to detect an aura before sleepiness from pulse and respiratory rate and to emit a warning sound. Although it is doubtful whether it will become drowsiness only by sound, it is impossible because a brute force method such as hit light or add electric shock is dangerous in itself.

When this device is introduced in offices and schools, it seems to be every day when tension appears.

Details are as below.
Development of a doze driving prevention seat
~ Detecting sleep deprivation sign by sensor attached to seat ~
(PDF file)

This seat was developed by the University of Tokyo Research Institute of Innovation Promotion Study Group, which is a leader of Professor Norihiko Kaneko and the Railway Construction and Transport Facility Development Support Organization. About 10 minutes before going to sleep, I found that a certain precursor signal appeared in the pulse and breathing and made a seat that can measure heart rate and respiration rate.

The developed driver's seat is the same size as the ordinary seat, and the driver is OK just sitting without wearing any equipment.

The research group is also currently working on elucidating characteristic veins and respiratory conditions in drinking conditions, and they are also planning to develop a drunk driving prevention seat.

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