A commentary on a "coffee nap" that is perfect for blowing off sleepiness and fatigue than "coffee" or "nap"

In order to cope with "drowsiness" and "fatigue" that comes from lack of sleep and daily exhaustion, I think that there are times to drink energetic drinks and coffee with caffeine and to take a nap of only 30 minutes, A way to be more effective than "Coffee nap"is. About the effect of an affordable boosting method "coffee nap" just getting into a nap as soon as you drink coffee and only getting up after 20 minutes,VoxIt's easy to understand in the movie.

Scientists agree: Coffee naps are better than coffee or naps alone - YouTube

If you feel sleepy at work ......

You may try to overcome drowsiness by drinking coffee or taking a nap.

Many people do not know that there is such a technique called "coffee nap" that can take coffee and a nice cup of nap.

Although it is said that drowsiness will blow away when drinking coffee in the first place ......

The secret is hidden in the caffeine contained in the coffee.

When you drink coffee, caffeine is absorbed from the small intestine into the blood ... ....

It will reach the brain in about 20 minutes.

Since caffeine's arousal effect starts from here, it is necessary to continue fighting drowsiness for about 20 minutes after drinking coffee.

And why caffeine arrives in the brain will wake you up, the brain willAdenosine(The triangle of the illustration below) ... ...

Attach with adenosineAdenosine receptor(RECEPTORS) exists. These two stick to each other when human beings are tired, they have a role of delaying the work of the brain and feeling tiredness and drowsiness.

And, the caffeine contained in the coffee has a molecular structure similar to adenosine ... ...

It can bind to the adenosine receptor instead of adenosine. As a result, adenosine and adenosine receptors do not adhere to each other, so they do not feel tired or sleepy.

However, as ingestion of caffeine does not mean that adenosine does not disappear, as some people say that boosted in caffeine is like "putting a block under the brake pedal under the car" It is a dangerous condition. When caffeine's arousal effect disappears, adenosine and adenosine receptors stick together and become drowsy, but in order to eliminate this adenosine from within the brain ...

I have no choice but to sleep.

On the other hand, "coffee nap" takes nap for about 20 minutes from drinking coffee until caffeine reaches the brain, reducing adenosine in the brain ... ...

It is a method of removing coffee and a nap of a nap that draws out the arousal effect due to ingestion of caffeine.

There are several research results showing that 'Coffee nap' shows better effect than coffee and nap alone.

For example, the graph below shows the subjects having the drive simulator play and measuring the number of driving errors. Subjects were divided into three groups, and the results for each placebo effect (white) without coffee intake (blue), coffee nap (red), caffeine are as follows. When the subject was asked to have a 15-minute coffee-nap, it is clear that the number of mistakes obviously decreased as compared with the placebo effect of coffee consumption or caffeine removal.

Furthermore, the following graph shows the drowsiness level measured when we had a nap (blue), a coffee nap (red), a coffee intake (light blue), etc. carried out for 1 hour after driving. This test also shows that coffee nap is the most drowsy suppressed.

According to a study conducted at Hiroshima University in Japan, a memory test was conducted after coffee nap, and as a result, subjects who took a coffee nap recorded better scores than subjects who did only one of coffee and nap is.

Note that if you take more than 20 minutes of sleep, you will have "sleep inertia" which is a state where you have a residual drowsiness and do not sleep well.

Furthermore, since it has been clarified by research that it is clear that the effect of coffee nap can be obtained even if it is in a half-awake half sleep for about 20 minutes after struggling to fall asleep.

To do coffee nap, it is recommended to drink espresso shots and iced coffee.

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