What is the coffee and the back technique "Coffee nap" that took good effect of the nap.


When you become sleepy by the means of work or studying absolutely, you may take a nap and drink coffee or other drinks including caffeine, but it is perfect for sleepiness that is steeper than a nap and coffeeCoffee napThere are not many people who do. IT-based mediaVoxI am disclosing the whole picture of the unknown coffee nap.

Scientists agree: Coffee naps are better than coffee or naps alone - Vox

To understand the effect of coffee nap, you need to know the mechanism of caffeine arousal effect contained in coffee. When you move your body and consume energy, two substances, adenosine and adenosine receptor in the brain, stick together and the brain's work slows down. I feel tired or become sleepy when the brain's work slows down.

However, when caffeine is ingested, caffeine sticks to the adenosine receptor, so in the brain it loses the opportunity to lose the adenosine sticking partner. In this state, the brain "as adenosine remains, energy is also surplus" and the illusion. In addition, substances that activate nerve movements such as glucose, dopamine, glutamate, etc. work more than usual, so we are in a state of arousal.

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Unlike caffeine, sleep has the effect of removing adenosine from the brain. Thanks to this, when you take a certain amount of sleep, the number of adenosine decreases, fatigue recovers, and sleepiness disappears. However, if you take more than 20 minutes of sleep, the phenomenon "sleep inertia" will occur, with a feeling of residual sleepiness and poor awakening.

Therefore, the idea of ​​matching sleep and caffeine comes up. Since caffeine takes about 20 minutes to be absorbed, as soon as drinking coffee and entering a nap and getting up after 20 minutes, the number of adenosine decreases due to sleep, so caffeine adenosine It can stick to the receptor and immediately enter the arousal state. This is"Coffee nap"is.

The effect of coffee nap is proved not only by reason but also properly scientifically. At the Loughborough University in the UK, we asked the subjects to coffee up for 15 minutes and let them play a driving simulatorExperimentWas done. As a result, subjects who took coffee nap found less mistakes than those who took coffee or nap only. Hiroshima University in Japan also said that they will perform a memory test after coffee napExperimentA subject who took the coffee nap recorded a better score than the subject who took only one of coffee and nap.

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The method of coffee nap whose effect is proved both theoretically and scientifically is to just take a nap after drinking coffee or caffeinated drinks at once. To drink at a stroke, cold ice coffee and a small amount of espresso are the best.

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