The unknown history of 'mesmerism' that was the basis of hypnosis



Hypnosis is a condition in which consciousness is likely to be implied, and the technique that leads to this condition is hypnosis, and in modern times, a treatment method called hypnosis treatment has been established. Tracing the roots of hypnosis leads to the 'mesmerism ' devised by the 18th century doctor Franz Anton Mesmel, but it seems that its existence is not well known.

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Mesmel, a practitioner in Vienna, Austria at the end of the 18th century, treated a female patient with a hysterical attack by giving her an iron-containing formulation and attaching magnets throughout her body. I did. With this treatment, the patient's pain is said to move according to the movement of the magnet and disappear from the limbs. Mesmel argued that the physical fluid that controls life phenomena exists in space, naming it animal magnetism, and arguing that manipulating animal magnetism can cure a patient's illness.

Mesmel devised a treatment method using animal magnetism that does not use magnets. The treatment is to give animal magnetism by holding the palm over the patient's body and stroking it without touching it. Patients given animal magnetism develop a convulsion called splitting, and it is said that the disease was cured by removing this convulsion.


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According to Mr. Mesmel, animal magnetism is a force that fills the space between all things, transmits motility, and affects animals via nerves, which is different from existing physics. .. In other words, he claimed that animal magnetism was not a psychological force but a physically detectable force.

The treatment method that deals with animal magnetism devised by Mr. Mesmel was named 'Mesmerism' and was introduced not only to Austria but also to Germany and the United Kingdom. In 1784, two mesmerism investigation committees were established in France by order from the King of France, and investigations were conducted on mesmerism. It doesn't exist because it can't be done, 'and concluded that it had no effect on mesmerism.

However, Mesmel's disciple Puisegur discovered that the patient entered a hypnotic state called magnetic sleep during the treatment of Mesmerism. Magnetic sleep is a little different from what we call hypnosis in modern times, causing the patient to show intelligence and see through the diseased part of the body. By falling into magnetic hypnosis, a state of interaction in which fluid circulates between the doctor and the patient occurs, and during this state, the patient can behave as the doctor intended, that is, the pain can be relieved. It is his theory. Mr. Puisegur's theory and treatment method are considered to be a major turning point in mesmerism, and after that, Mr. Puisegur's theory became the center of mesmerism.

By Ray Scrimgeour

After that, research on mesmerism continued in each country, although it was declining, and James Blade , a British doctor who was impressed by mesmerism, said that the hypnotic state due to mesmerism is not due to animal magnetism but due to psychophysiological phenomena. Submit a paper proving that it is being caused and showing that mesmerism is not mysterious. Later, instead of mesmerism, he coined the term 'nerve hypnosis' and devised a hypnotic introduction method called gaze. And nerve hypnosis is called 'hypnosis' and continues to this day.

So, when talking about modern hypnosis, it is mesmerism that absolutely goes through. If you want to know more about Mesmerism and its advocate, Mesmel, you should read the following books.

Sleeping Wizard Mesmer: Jean Thuillier, Jun Takahashi, Hyakuyo Takahashi: Book: Amazon

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