Mexican streets in order like games

I will introduce Mexico from the air this time, but it is like an artificial landscape like a game by continuing a building of the same shape as the well-organized townscape.

Details are as below.
It seems to be using a mirror.

Shoot from the sky further.

The railway is also straight.

It is completely square-cut.

A lot of taxis.

Bus station.

Tepito that everything is available. The stall fills the way.

This is red.

An image that appeals to the sky.

This also appeals to the sky. Is there something in the sky in Mexico?

Mountain of abandoned car.

Mexican city's kitchen, Central de Abasto.

Fantastic building.

A lot of flowers used on the day of the dead.

A huge volcanic ruin.

A collective housing like monster's feet.

An unusual department store.

What is this.

In the rainy season there will be no roads.

Old skyscraper that shines in the setting sun.

You can see various pictures from below.
Aerial Photographs of Mexico City (English)

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