BANDAI releases motorcycle helmets dedicated to Char

It is said to be a bike helmet "motorcycle helmet TYPE CHAR 3" which motifs "Mobile Combat" which appeared in the television work "Mobile Suit Gundam" broadcasted in 1979, and a mobile suit dedicated to Char, "Zaku dedicated to Chia". We plan to accept reservations from 22th today (Thursday) today until May 20th.

The size is available in M ​​size and L size, and the price is 23,800 yen including tax. It seems that the product will arrive at the end of July.

Details are as follows.
"Mobile Suit Gundam" Bike helmet TYPE CHAR 3 Order received with LaLaBit Market!

According to this release, "Motorcycle Helmet TYPE CHAR 3" is the first bullet "Bicycle Helmet" TYPE CHAR "which received order acceptance as Mobile Suit Gundam Official Goods in September 2002,Motorcycle helmet "TYPE 100 type"It seems that it follows the item. By the way, we received orders of about 2,500 for the first bullet and about 500 for the second round.

As a feature, the design which pushed out the head part of the red mobile suit "Shaku zaku" which becomes the symbol color of Char, to the whole surface, the Zeon army logo mark belonging to Char, and the power pipe of the mobile suit etc. are reproduced It is said that the Zion army mark is printed on the helmet storage bag.

The standard is STANDARDS: SG, displacement is 0.126 or more, size is 57 to 58 cm and L is 59 to 60 cm.



By the way, there is no horn.

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