Vista-equipped PC, decide which one to buy with a basic score

It is as already mentioned that the fact that PCs are sold surprisingly by the launch of Windows Vista is as already mentioned, but there are many experiences that you do not know which one you should buy even though you actually want to buy it.

Was it because it received such a voice, in fact Windows Vista has a thing called "Windows Experience Index" as a reference value when you buy. This number ranges from 1.0 to 5.9, and if 3.0 there is a level where Vista's Aero function can be used without stress.

So, I will introduce the "Windows Experience Index" confirmation method of the personal computer that I actually intend to purchase at the shop and the site that summarizes the results. Please refer to it when purchasing or when replacing.
First, click the start button and open "Control Panel"

Next, click "System and Maintenance"

Then click "Check the Windows Experience Index Base Score of Your Computer"

This number is "Windows Experience Index". Displays the lowest score for the subscoal such as CPU speed, memory loading, graphics etc. as the basic score. In other words, even if other performance is high, this lower part becomes a bottleneck and pulls the speed of the whole speed.

In addition, when you add memory etc. to acquire an accurate value etc., let's click on "update score to latest information"

Under test. This test uses "WinSAT.exe" and it is also available on the command line. It is said that the score obtained by putting the numerical value obtained by this test in a secret formula.

Then the score goes up like this. It is important to note that it is a value as a guide only, unlike a normal benchmark. It seems that it is a secret at the present time as to what kind of calculation formula this value will appear. Also, although 5.9 is the highest now, the upper limit will rise steadily depending on future updates (scheduled one year from one year and a half). However, it is said that three points at the moment are not doing anything but do not become four points.

According to the help, the meaning of the basic score is like this. It may be advantageous to choose the one with the higher score when hesitating to choose with the personal computer of the same price range. However, by looking at the contents of the subscores, what is the bottleneck, pull your legs and see if the score is falling.

Also,"GOGA - Everyone's PC (Windows Experience Index Ranking)You can see the basic scores and subscores of various personal computers by going to the site called "site." Besides that, you can also vote by measuring your score.

Although it seems that all models have not yet been covered with Vista-equipped PCs that are on sale at the moment, it is still quite helpful. In addition, anything that goes to the top in the maker's PC is expensive for the price too much ...... When replacing, if you choose a computer with this score higher than now, you will not lose at least. When thinking carefully, it is different from the so-called benchmark, but it is not decided as it is calculated by a benchmark method, and it is a useful level as a guide.

You can tell by actually trying at the shop, but basically the score goes to "5" level is almost none at present. In the meantime, it is expected that there will be sales methods that will start to make uri to flip high values ​​with this basic score.

So, next is how to use the gadget to vote your basic score in the Windows Experience Index ranking that summarizes this basic score.

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