If today is the last day of my life

If today is the last day of my life, would I really want to do what I am planning to do today?

This is a famous word that Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, famous for iPod and Mac OS X, stated in a graduation celebration speech at Stanford University.

Jobs seems to have made a decision using this word as a clue when he was forced to make a crucial decision to influence his life. It can be said that it is a very suggestive word if you think of the fact that the result produced only that company.

Below, the full text of this name speech and the movie at that time. It is a very famous speech, so know, there is no loss.
All the translated sentences are below.

Jobs 'graduation celebration speech: Jobs' graduation celebration speech - livedoor Blog (blog)

Especially the third story is the most excellent.

The third one is about death.
I read something like this when I was 17. It is certainly like this.
"Let's suppose that this is the last day of my life as long as it comes, so that the day will definitely definitely come true. It was a word that gives me a strong impression. And then up to the present for 33 years I have taken a mirror every morning and asked myself like this as a daily routine. "If today is the last day of my life, would I really want to do what I am planning to do today?" When the answer to that is "NO" days lasting for many days, I realize that it is about time to change something.
Do not forget that you are next to death. This has always been the biggest clue to make a decision whenever I have been pressed for a crucial choice that will affect my life. Because almost everything ... everything from external expectations, all of my pride, all of fear of humiliation and frustration ... All these things are all except the beautiful Sappari disappearing at the moment of our death It is because it is stuff. And only what is really important to be left behind. I will also die someday. If you remember that, you can avoid the pitfalls of thinking that you are losing something, and this is the best defense measure I know.
You guys are already naked. There is nothing, such as why you should not live with your heart going.

There seems to be some mistranslation, so be careful as it is pointed out in the blog below.

Jobs' Speech in Stanford University Graduation Ceremony

In addition, the state of this speech is recorded as a movie, it is uploaded to YouTube and it is published.

YouTube - Steve Jobs Speech

Below is the picture of "The Whole Earth Catalog" that appears during the speech.

Aki's STOCKTAKING: 'Stay hungry. Stay foolish.'

The illness that comes out during the speech is reported like this in the past.

Steve Jobs, cancer surgery - the prospect of returning to next month - CNET Japan

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