Richard Stallman returns to the Free Software Foundation after being forced to resign in a single email

by Christophe Ducamp

Richard Stallman, who was forced to resign from the Free Software Foundation 's representative by a personal email, was revealed to return to the Foundation.

Richard Stallman is Coming Back to the Board of the Free Software Foundation, Founded by Himself 35 Years Ago (Updatedx3) | Techrights ago /

Mr. Stallman founded copyleft , which is the idea of 'not giving up copyright, but allowing others to use it freely', and promoted it through the free software movement, etc. A person who is also called. The Free Software Foundation, which advocates the idea that 'all software should be completely open to the public and free to modify and redistribute,' was originally a non-profit organization founded by Mr. Stallman.

However, in September 2019, an incident occurred in which Mr. Stallman was expelled from the Free Software Foundation that he established 35 years ago. This was triggered by an email sent by Mr. Stallman related to the 'Epstein Incident ' in which Jeffrey Epstein , an American businessman who was engaged in large-scale child prostitution, died suspiciously in prison. did.

In the email, Stallman said, 'Even if it is true that you have had sex with a teenage woman on a suspected child prostitution, it is reasonable to use the term'assault'unnecessarily. No, 'he pointed out. 'Whatever you want to criticize, you should use terms that avoid moral ambiguity,' he complained about the rigor of word selection in the press.

However, the email was released and activists launched a movement called 'Remove Richard Stallman.' Mr. Stallman was forced to resign from various positions such as the representative of the Free Software Foundation and a visiting scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

A prominent free software activist was forced to resign from his post in a single email, which was criticized as 'a dangerous move' --GIGAZINE

On March 21, 2021, it was revealed that Mr. Stallman would return as an officer of the Free Software Foundation during an online lecture on LibrePlanet , a community project within the Free Software Foundation.

On his return, Stallman said, 'Opportunists quoted false information that was made public and misleaded many. Many people supported me and the Free Software Foundation. I am delighted that justice has been subdued. '

Mr. Stallman commenting on his return to the Free Software Foundation.

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