Orbit movie where debris made in China collides with the space station

China attacked with a ballistic missile launched from the ground on a meteorological observation satellite on the orbit at an altitude of 800 kilometers last month on January 11, 2007, its debris (called debris) circulates around the satellite orbits, There are 517 possible debris. And the amazing movie which simulated that the debris and the International Space Station (ISS) are highly likely to crash will be released.

As you can see clearly, actually it is suggested that not only ISS but also LEO (Low Earth Orbit, satellite orbiting the low altitude orbit of about 500 to 2000 kilometers above the ground) can crash a lot.

How does China have this responsibility?

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Anti-Satellite Missile Test Graphics and On-Demand Webinar Available

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The following image is early debris. This is currently diffusing and going on. It is said that it takes ten years to crash everything on the ground. Also, there are countless fragments that are small enough to be impossible to trace, and any one of them can easily puncture space footwear, and if it is a satellite solar panel panel, it can be destroyed by haste.

Debris is currently tracked by NORAD, altitude is between 260 and 3500 kilometers. As it is, the International Space Station will crash into the clouds created by debris (the red ring part of the image below).

Also, other satellites are very likely to crash as shown below. This green point is a satellite that could potentially crash.

By the way, this debris is able to shoot down space ship if it is debris about 10 cm in diameter at a speed of 7 km to 8 km per second.

Space debris - Wikipedia

Also, it is Kesler syndrome that debris produces debris and further proliferate debris infinitely. It is an outrageous phenomenon. Does this become a reality thing?

Kessler Syndrome - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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