Is Microsoft developing "Zune Phone"?

It is said that Apple will release the iPod music player "iPod" and "iPhone" with one mobile phoneAs I mentioned earlierHowever, based on the music player "Zune" which Microsoft released against the iPod "Zune PhoneIt may be that it may make.

Details are as follows.
CrunchGear >> Blog Archive >> Source: Microsoft Zune Phone In the Works

According to this article, there are rumors that Microsoft 's executives recently discussed the details of the device, the sales strategy, and the development time schedule.

Although it seems that development has not started almost yet, it becomes a smart phone adopting the interface similar to Zune, and connecting with Xbox 360 as well as PC, enjoying movies downloaded on Xbox 360 with "Zune Phone" It is speculated that it will be possible.

Also, if development goes as planned, it will be released in December 2007.

Although it is hard to believe it, it is hard to believe that Microsoft is using "smartphone"Windows MobileIs not it such an inconceivable story that it is issuing OS such as?

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