Free software "UberIcon" with icon animation effect

I think that when you open a folder, open a file, when you run the software, etc. I think that you click the icon, but at that time it is free software with a little cool animation attached to the icon, Japanese is also being done .

This animation can be increased by the plug-in method, and already several animation effects are released.

I could not see for a hundred pictures, I tried capturing a movie with a movie. Playback is from the following.
In the case of the effect of "iBounce" it is like this. Actually it is more smooth.

In case of "FlatOut" like this

Download from the official website below.

Punk Software - UberIcon

Further plugins to increase various effects below.

Punk Software - UberIcon Plugins

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It is a type of software that resides in this way in the task tray. By default it will not enter arbitrarily into the startup. Effect can be selected from "plug-in".

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