Insanely beautiful iTunes Visualizer "magnetosphere"

ITunes has a function called "visualizer", and a beautiful CG moves in accordance with the sound. It is something like "visual effect" of WindowsMediaPlayer. Since playback is also possible with full screen, you can do things like screensaver according to BGM.

So this "magnetosphere" this time is much more beautiful than the one prepared from the beginning, yet more flashy, quite fresh. It feels good to be able to work properly on both Windows and Mac properly.

The movie, installation and usage of the situation actually being used are as follows.
It seems that this is actually moving the "magnetosphere" by reproducing homebrews.

Download from the official website below. Before you install iTunes first.

Barbarian software | magnetosphere

Click on it to start the installer, click "Next"

Click "I Agree"

Click "Install"

Click "Close"

Launch iTunes

Select "View" → "Visualizer" → "Magnetosphere"

The Visualizer will be displayed with "Display" - "Show Visualizer" or Ctrl + T

Pressing the "M" key during playback changes the pattern. In addition, Ctrl + F for full screen playback. The same is true when returning to the original.

This is "ProcessingIt is written in an open source programming language called "OpenGL". Below is a sample movie of what you can do with Processing. It is quite amazing.
Example 1:Vimeo / Magnetic Sphere (audio by Karri O.)
Example 2:Vimeo / Magnetic Sphere (audio by Karri O.)
Example 3:Vimeo / Magnetic Sphere (distorted)
Example 4:Vimeo / Magnetosphere revisited (audio by Tosca)

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