"Box 2 DFlash AS 3" enabling physical calculation simulation in Flash

Erin Catto's library of physics simulation engines "Box 2 D"Made available to Flash in this" Box 2 DFlash AS 3 ", is offered in open source.

Actually how powerful it is that you can understand it by seeing the demonstration, you can do things like Pitagora switch style, Domino killing, and so on.

Demo Flash and download from below.
Demo from below. You can use the left and right arrow keys to move to the next demo, and press the "R" key to reset.

Flash Physics Engine Box 2 DFlashAS 3 1.4.2

For example, this is the first demo. An object is on the bridge.

When grabbing the bridge with the mouse and sprinkling it, the upper object scatters in all directions

Next is Pitagora switch style

Domino killing is done at the top, a piece falls by one ... ...

When it is pushed by it, the ball rolling out, the building blocks, the building blocks collapse with rattling

Besides, it is fun to have various demonstrations, such as swinging dolls into Giantdon

Download from below.

SourceForge.net: Box 2 DFlash AS 3

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